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Family Man

Hodder Cabinets has been making quality cabinets for over 35 years.  Allan is a 4th generation wood worker.  He took over the business in January 2017 after studying hardwood lumber grading at Sir Sanford Fleming College.  Prior to taking over the business he spent 14 years learning the trade from his father. 

Born and raised in Burk's Falls, Allan rides his bike to work and drives his biodiesel powered vehicles to install cabinets. He is a proud father and loving husband.


Sustainable Operations
Strategic Partnerships

Hodder Cabinets operates a 2400 square foot cabinet shop.  We utilize clean energy as much as possible, from our high-efficiency furnaces to our biodiesel delivery vehicles.  We recycle our wood scraps and save on costs by bringing our showroom to your site.  With dozens of samples and hundreds of counter top options the level of customization available is unmatched in the industry.  We can even custom match a colour or include inlayed wood to make your kitchen a work of art.

Hodder Cabinets works with local contractors to provide you with a full service renovation.  Some of our partners include Bella Terra Stone in North Bay and Men-Of-Faith Construction in Burk's Falls. We are also a supplier of Bristol Sinks and Faucets, so we really do complete everything including the kitchen sink.

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